SCLC To Lead March for Jobs



From the SCLC: The Southern Christian Leadership Conference is inviting the public to participate in a civil action march to spur the city business leaders and elected officials to prioritize job accessibility for the city's economically deprived citizens, accountable support for minority businesses and to expand small and minority business growth in economically deprived communities.

It is our position that while our city plans for economic and metropolitan growth with such dynamic initiatives as the biotech industry and the consideration to create an aerotropolis model for our future economic well-being, the city's business, civic and government leaders must create a well-considered plan to assure that these industries penetrate the pockets of poverty generations of our citizens seem to be trapped in.

The march route commemorates the historic 1968 march which proved to be Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s last march. The SCLC was founded by Dr. King and Dr. Joseph Lowery on February 14, 1957, and we are dedicated to taking their work into a new day of effectiveness.

We will convene at 11:30 a.m. in front of Clayborn Temple AME Church located at 280 Hernando Street. This will allow those in support of SCLC to participate during their lunch hour. This also will allow a broader show of support for our commitment to remain an ecumenically and racially diverse organization with the intent for positive bottom-line impact for our city.

: Please contact Dr. Dwight Montgomery, President SCLC (Memphis) 488-4798 or email for more information.

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