The Wit and Wisdom of John Ford



John Ford and his Rolex got their day in court Tuesday, and if a wristwatch going on trial wasn't surreal enough, the proceedings featured a playback of audio and video footage gathered by the FBI in Operation Tennessee Waltz.

Among Ford’s greatest hits overheard on the tapes:

"Let me handle these motherf--kers ... spread honey all over their asses and eat their lunch."

On Rusty Hyneman: "He’s a rich white boy. This motherf--ker got his own private jet. It is bad shit, I flew on it to Nashville. He ain't got one, he got two.”

On Hyneman’s trouble with the EPA: "You can build hundreds of millions of dollars worth of shit ... and they’ll make you tear the shit down. ... That attorney general has some mean motherf--kers."

Ford’s solution: "Let me handle this shit."

On the Rolex: "Platinum, rose gold, yellow gold. This came from outer space."

On the feds: "The FBI has a lot of shell companies. You see that shit on TV."

And finally: "I never missed a beat."

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