The MLGW "List": Gale Jones Carson Says It Was Created Prior to Joseph Lee's Appointment as CEO

Says Herenton and others didn't know they were on it.



Some members of the media received this e-mail from Mayor Herenton's former spokesperson (Now an MLGW spokesperson), Gale Jones Carson today:

"I learned of this list last week. After investigation, I learned that council members, and others, did not know that this list existed and that they were on it. This list is years old, done prior to Joseph Lee's appointment in 2004. On the list are people who are responsible for contacting elected officials and others on the list regarding the possibility of their services being disconnected. How and why certain people were selected to be on this list, none of the new people at MLGW know.

"A few examples of how old the list is: Ken Cole was responsible for contacting several people -- he's been deceased several years now. Pat Van der Schaaf is on the list and she has been off of the Council since 2003. Frierson Graves was the responsbile party for himself -- he was the attorney for MLGW years ago.

"P.S. Mayor Herenton did not know this list existed either and he certainly didn't know that he was on it."

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