How the Mighty Are Falling

Demolitionists are putting on quite a show today outside the Flyer’s offices, razing a building known to most as the site of the recent Butler Street Bazaar. The building, which in former lives was also a post office annex and a warehouse for the Tennessee Brewery, is being torn down in advance of becoming, what else, a new town home/condo development.

The property was purchased and is being developed by Architectural CustomWorks. Past projects from CustomWorks include CityHouse condominiums, located just around the block from the now-defunct Butler Street Bazaar building, and homes at South Bluffs and Harbor Town.

Developer Berry Jones of Architectural CustomWorks spoke with Greg Akers of the Flyer’s Living Spaces condo and home guide this week (on the street now) about his plans for the Butler Street building. Jones said, “We intend to, unfortunately, demolish that building, although we hope to save some elements of the building to use in the new project. The plan is urban-style town home.”

The new development will be called Butler Park Station and will include retail and office space.

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