A Laugh Riot

Grab your false mustache and joy buzzer and head over to Comedy Tennessee tomorrow night, May 9th for the second round of the Funniest Person in Memphis Contest. The participants have already been chosen, but it can’t hurt to look the part.

Most of the Memphis-based improv group Wiseguys ("comedy you can’t refuse") will be competing in the second round. The Wiseguys have been known to be hilarious doing improv, which leads us to hope that they’ll be side-splitting when they’ve had a chance to prepare. Be sure to be there for their act, or they might have to introduce you to a pair of cement shoes. We’re just sayin’.

Just Larry, the first non Clown College graduate to perform with Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus in over 30 years, will also be trying his hand at stand-up comedy. We’re not sure whether he’ll be juggling any flaming bowling pins or not, but whatever happens, it should be a night to remember.

For more info on the event as well as the lineup for Wednesday, go to the Comedy Tennessee web site. Each comedian gets 5 minutes to make it or break it.

-Cherie Heiberg

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