Dog Shoots Memphis Man in Back: Refuses to Speak to Police



A few months ago, it was the mugshot of the girl with the giant mohawk. Last week, it was the bikini lawncare service. This week, there's a new Memphis story that's showing up on news sites around the globe: It's the news item about the Great Dane who shot his owner in the back.

The official story is that the dog knocked a rifle off a table and the gun went off accidentally, hitting the dog's 21-year-old owner in the back.

Yeah, right.

"That just doesn't pass the sniff test," said a Memphis Police spokesperson. "What we've heard is that the dog had a bone to pick with his owner and the ruff stuff was no accident."

Police made the collar last night and have now taken the dog in for questioning. So far, however, the dog hasn't rolled over.

"We could be barking up the wrong tree here," said the spokesperson. "He's been kind of whiny and pissy, but he won't speak. I guess you could say he's got us licked, so far. But we're keeping him on a short leash and we're confident we'll get the real poop out of him soon and he'll be eating out of our hands."

The dog is expected to hire famed Memphis law firm Barkin & Howell to represent him.

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