Tucson Writer Visits Memphis -- Not Impressed



A writer from the Tucson Citizen visited Memphis recently and gave a less-than-glowing report on her trip to the Bluff City:

Downtown Memphis has an eerie ghost-town feel, other than the late-night music scene on the famed Beale Street. The street that gave birth to the blues had action on a Tuesday night but, frankly, probably not that much more than Tucson's downtown club scene.

This column is not a slam on Memphis, but rather an observation of how Tucson's touted downtown revitalization efforts may not be a guarantee of swarming masses of people all the time.

Okay, it was the off-season in Memphis, mid-October, middle of the week. But let's face it, Tucson has an offseason that runs, what, nine or 10 months?

Memphis has three downtown trolley routes, all stocked with vintage streetcars, many from New Orleans and Australia. During my weekday rides, there were typically three to six riders aboard and at most 10 passengers ...

Read the rest of Teya Vitu's article at the Citizen website.

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