Congressman Steve Cohen Appears on The Daily Show



Congressman Steve Cohen was featured in a segment Thursday night on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central. The program will be rerun Friday throughout the day.

Longtime Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee interviewed Cohen on November 5th for a segment about the use of so-called "line-standers" -- people who are paid hundreds of dollars by high-priced lobbyists to hold their place in line for Congressional hearings.

Cohen said, "I have been a vocal proponent of prohibiting line-standing, because I believe it robs the general public of its right to attend open, public Congressional hearings. Ethics reform has been one of my highest priorities since taking office, and this practice is a perfect example of the culture in Washington that I'm committed to changing." Bee smirked -- but Cohen held his own.

"We had a lot of fun with Samantha during the interview," Cohen said.

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