White Out?

What's up with the Euro-American Conference?



Will there be a gathering of various White Power tribes in Memphis this weekend? It's anybody's guess, at this point, though former KKK Grand Wizard, Neo-Nazi, and member of the Louisiana state legislature David Duke says it will happen.

The fate of the conference has been uncertain since Whispering Woods Hotel and Conference Center, the Olive Branch facility where the conference was scheduled to take place, pulled the sheet out from under the group on Tuesday, citing concerns for the safety of guests and employees.

According to some local media reports, Duke said he would be in town yesterday, but he is apparently still a no-show. Fox 13 is reporting that the conference may have relocated to Germantown. Duke's website suggests that the exact details will not be revealed until shortly before the event commences. If it commences.

Duke is calling the conference, "the first organized response to this Obamination." Abomination. Get it? We'll keep you posted as things develop -- or not.

Chris Davis

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