District Attorney to Seek Death Penalty Against Lester Street Killer



Thursday morning, a state grand jury indicted Jessie Dotson for the murders of four adults and two children found dead in a home on Lester Street in March. Three other children in the house were found alive, but in critical condition. All of the victims were either shot or stabbed.

Dotson, one of the victim's brothers, was identified by one of the surviving children. Now district attorney Bill Gibbons is seeking the death penalty, which he calls "pretty extraordinary."

In a news release, Gibbons outlined the justification for seeking the death penalty under state law: 1) the murders were committed against victims under 12 years of age; 2) Dotson was previously convicted of second-degree murder in 1994; 3) Dotson created the risk of death to two or more people besides the murder victims; 4) the murders were heinous and involved torture or serious physical abuse; 5) the murders were committed for the purpose of avoiding a lawful arrest; 6) the murders were knowingly committed when the defendant; 7) the defendant committed mass murder. -- Bianca Phillips

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