Newspaper Guild Concerned About Possible CA Press Outsourcing



After meeting with Commercial Appeal management, the Memphis Newspaper Guild has expressed concerns that a proposal to outsource the newspaper's printing to a company in Tupelo could affect up to 115 jobs, and make newspaper delivery unreliable.


Management says pgrading the CA's existing equipment would cost up to $40-million, an expenditure the company is hesitant to make in uncertain times. In a July 23rd update to Guild-covered employees, Newspaper Guild president Daniel Connolly worries that moving printing operations to Tupelo, a commute of just under two hours, will make it difficult to make home delivery deadlines.

Outsourcing the CA's printing isn't a certainty. According to Connoly, Journal Publishing in Tupelo has asked CA management to make a decision by August 15th. In any case, union contracts contain language expressly preventing management from firing employees whose jobs have been outsourced. More at the Guild website.

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