Invest in "Memphis." The Orpheum gives locals a sneak peek at a not-yet-opened Broadway musical.


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fc76/1249499420-memphismusical.jpgOn Monday evening Orpheum CEO Pat Halloran reminded an audience he'd recently plied with free booze and finger food that investors lucky enough to back Andrew Lloyd Webber's first shows were all probably driving Maseratis today. Halloran's line earned a chuckle or two at an investor-recruiting party the Orpheum hosted for playwright Joe DiPietro, Bon Jovi keyboard player David Bryan, and the creative team behind Memphis, a new musical slated to open on Broadway this fall. But the Orpheum exec's fantasies about fast cars and the glamorous lifestyles of Broadway investors didn't capture the audience's imagination nearly so much as the talent on display at the event. Here's a clip of Bryan playing two songs with the stars of Memphis and an intro by DiPietro.



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