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Courtney Oliver
  • Courtney Oliver
Okay, this sounds fun. Playhouse on the Square's Courtner Oliver is teaching a special yoga class designed to address the specific needs of performers. Here's the press release:

As a performer (a singer, a dancer, an actor, or simply a public speaker) your body is your instrument and shaping it to fit the skill set that your performance demands can be challenging, stressful, and intimidating.

Practicing yoga poses (asanas) strengthens the body, corrects posture, hones balance, and opens the mind. Focusing on breathing and breath support (pranayama) strengthens lung capacity and can reduce stress and anxiety that performing can create.

Yoga Instructors, Courtney Oliver and Becca Franklin, offer this casual and laid-back workshop formulated to give performers knowledge and awareness about their body and the breath that they can carry with them from their living room to the stage. We will spend half the class focusing on standing yoga poses for the body, and half the class focusing on quieting the mind and learning about the breath.

Come dressed comfortably and ready to move. All levels of yoga welcome, especially beginners!
Spots in the class are limited. To reserve your spot, please email

Oliver, who teaches a regular Monday night Yoga class, says that, although the class is being described as a one'time-only event she'll host more special yoga classes for performers if there's enough interest.

Even though I'm about as bendy as a cinder block I may have to check out this class and report on it.

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