Sword & Sandal: Chatterbox goes epic. And comic.



So, on one hand you want to go out and have good time. On the other hand you’re a great big whiny baby and its cold and you want to stay at home under a blanket with the heat turned up eating pimento cheese out of the bucket. On the third hand there’s Chatterbox Audio Theater who are equipped to entertain you in public, or privately, beside a roaring fire.

“We have a global audience,” says Bob Arnold, the Chatterbox theater’s founding director, explaining why his company— recording Argonautica, an adaptation of the classic Jason and the Argonauts myth before a live audience on Friday and Saturday, February 11-12-develops such a range of material. “Live shows let us show audiences how we make the sound effects," Arnold says. "This is a big adventure with some elaborate sound sequences: Harpies, Sirens, a bull that breathes fire. We’ve got a thunder sheet, and an air compressor. The stage at the McCoy theater looks like a junkyard.”

Looking for something a little less family-friendly? Last week Chatterbox posted its third installment of Sight Gag, edgy sketch comedy for the radio. Highlights include a heartfelt ode to Facebook stalking, the eulogy for a beloved, not nice-smelling pet named Mecal Fatter, and a very funny bit about a one man’s unfortunate visit to a video store that specializes in foreign films with titles that don’t translate easily. I wonder if Golden Showers is anything like Grey Gardens?


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