Theatre Memphis wins national awards



Bennett Wood in A Delicate Balance
  • Bennett Wood in "A Delicate Balance"
Here's the scoop:

Theatre Memphis has been recognized for its outstanding service to community theatre by the American Association of Community Theatres (AACT). The Twink Lynch Award specifically goes to the AACT member that has succesfully completed major steps in new directions, expanded services to their community and has moved to the next level of organizational development. The award is presented annually and this year the ceremonies will be held in Rochester, New York, in conjunction with the national AACT festival competition, June 20 - 25.

A second national award from AACT this year will be given to Bennett Wood, long time volunteer at Theatre Memphis. He has been selected to receive the Robert E. Gard Superior Volunteer Award at the same convention in Rochester. This award is presented to individuals above the age of 65 who have faithfully served community theatre on a non-paid basis for over 25 years. Cited for his service of over 55 years to Theatre Memphis, Wood has acted, directed, served on the board of the directors, the play selection committee, marketing committee and various other committees in that tenure.

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