Woof: Bow Wow Club opening at the Firehouse Little Theatre



Cast of the Bow Wow Club
  • Cast of the "Bow Wow Club"

I don't know much about Levy Lee Simon's Bow Wow Club but here's the description...

Five teenage friends reunite after 20 years to reconnect emotionally and through discovery, revelation and realities, they are forced to choose between their stunning and fundamental differences or the undeniable power of their lifelong bond. Lee Simon's riveting tale of what happened to The Bow Wow Club once they left the security of the streets, as insecure a place as one could imagine. It shows their hopes, their dreams, their disappointments, their successes and the surprising changes that took place in their lives as they found acceptance and compromise in the modern world to be as big an adversary as any rival gang they had faced in their prime. Set at a Fourth of July reunion amidst the barbecue and sweet potato pie, their wives and lovers, they discover how they have drifted away from each other and yet how they are responsible for each other.

The show opens at the Firehouse Little Theatre on March 18. Age Restricted
Ticket Prices are $10 general admission; $7 members

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