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Ballet Memphis revisits Cinderella
  • Ballet Memphis revisits Cinderella

It's shaping up to be a busy weekend, I'm off to Hedda Gabler this evening, have plans to take in The Tempest on Friday, then GCT's Spitfire Grill on Sunday. On Saturday I'll be forced to choose between Ballet Memphis's remount of Cinderella, and Momentum at the U of M.

I've gotta say it's a tough call. Choreographer Steven McMahon's Cinderella is a real charmer but Momentum's got Ondine.

Momentum at the U of M
  • Momentum at the U of M

Thank goodness New Ballet Ensemble's SpringLoaded weekend doesn't get underway until next weekend. I mistakenly thought it was happening this weekend too and had been trying to work miracles with my calendar.

SpringLoaded 2012 from New Ballet Ensemble on Vimeo.

New Ballet Ensemble's collaboration with the Hattiloo Theatre looks exciting


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