"Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson" Opens at Rhodes




Don’t be put off by the “emo” in Alex Timbers’ and Michael Friedman’s “emo-rock musical” Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, a look back at a time when US citizens had grown to distrust the government to such a degree they decided to put a famous maverick they could relate to in the White House. A maverick dudes wanted to be. A maverick ladies wanted to be with. A maverick who never met an opportunity to engage in a little death and dismemberment he didn’t like.

For an energetic reminder that some depressing things never change, this is a show worth checking out. It opens tonight at Rhodes under the direction of Jordan Nichols.

For a taste of what it’s like, here’s a clip from the NYC debut.


It's great to see an area college taking this on, but maybe one of these days a local playhouse will revive the show and ask Jackson descendent, dead ringer, and gifted rock-and-roller Mark Akin of the Subteens to play Old Hickory.

Wait, isnt that they guy on the $20 bill?
  • Wait, isn't that they guy on the $20 bill?

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