Lord What Fools: Rhodes Hosts a Symposium on Early Modern Comedy


It's homecoming week at my alma mater. And nothing says "Rhodes College homecoming" like...

Back in the day...
  • Back in the day...

Okay, well, apart from those kinds of shenanigans, nothing says "Rhodes College Homecoming" like a sweet tailgate party, some football, some cool brews, and some thoughtful discussion about the theater of William Shakespeare, R.B. Sheridan, Oliver Goldsmith, and other masters of early modern comedy. Am I right?

This week's Comedy Symposium is co-sponsored by the Rhodes Department of Theatre, Gender & Sexuality Studies, and by the Pearce Shakespeare Endowment. It features students performing scenes from a variety of works with comment and commentary by visiting director Nick Hutchison, and Shakespeare scholar Fiona Ritchie, author of Women and Shakespeare in the Eighteenth Century

Hutchison has visited Memphis on several occasions, and will talk about staging period comedy. Ritchie will talk cross-dressing, women, and, of course, Shakespeare.

Events are free, open to the public, and take place in the McCoy Theatre's studio Friday, Oct. 23 from 2-5 p.m.

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