Doneal Mack's Three-Ring Circus



Tiger senior guard Doneal Mack is wearing a necklace these days with three rings dangling halfway down his torso. The size of golf balls, each ring represents a Conference USA championship and deep NCAA-tournament run from Mack’s first three seasons as a Tiger. Presuming they don’t strain Mack’s neck, they just may serve as a motivational tool for some of his rookie teammates.

Doneal Mack
  • Doneal Mack

“You gotta let them know, it takes hard work,” he says. “You take that court, put that Memphis jersey on. We went through a lot to get the program where it is. I’m just showing the team and the fans who support us that history’s in the making.”

Mack trails only Rodney Carney and Anthony Rice on the Tigers’ alltime three-point chart. If he stays healthy, Mack should be the only Tiger this season to reach the 1,000-point plateau for his career. (He needs 155 entering Tuesday’s game against Kansas.)

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