17 Pumpkin-tastic Images 

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'Tis the season for everything — everything! — to be pumpkin-flavored.
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All pumpkin-flavored things begin with the pumpkin pie.
Not sure where pumpkin pie yogurt is on the family tree, though.
Pumpkin pie Pop Tarts
And there's pumpkin pie coffee.
More coffee
Perhaps some pumpkin soy milk for your pumpkin coffee?
Pumpkin waffle and pancake mix
Pumpkin donuts, a staple of fall
Whoopie! Pumpkin whoopie pies
Some pumpkin ice cream for your pumpkin pie.
Care for a snack? There's pumpkin popcorn.
This egg nog is made with real pumpkin, so there's that.
Of course, there's pumpkin beer ...
... though not that much pumpkin beer as expected.
And pumpkin salsa
Pumpkin pasta sauce. Why not?
NOT for consumption, though I would say the same for many of the preceding images.
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All pumpkin-flavored things begin with the pumpkin pie.

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