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As we all face the economic disruptions wrought by COVID-19, we at The Memphis Flyer are doing our part by offering a new way to support local businesses AND local journalism.

Help your favorite small local business advertise in The Memphis Flyer — at deeply discounted rates — so they can let customers know they’re still open, even if in a different way, and still keeping people employed.

Here's how it works:

1. Select one of the “Adopt-a-Small Business” packages below.

2. The Memphis Flyer will contact you for details on the business(es) to which you would like to donate advertising space.
3. The Memphis Flyer will contact the business on your behalf to create the ad run in a select issue in April, May, June, or July 2020.

Questions? Email Jeffrey Goldberg at

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Interested in learning more about reaching our audience? Please contact:

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You can fill out this form if you would like someone to contact you concerning advertising with us.