Best of Memphis 2017 Social Media Kit 

Increase Your Votes!

Selection process

Best of Memphis voting this year will happen in two phases: nominations and ballot voting. In the first phase, readers can nominate their favorites in each of our categories. The top 5 in each category will then be on the Ballot, and readers will vote for their favorite!

Do you, your business, or someone else you know deserve to be in Best of Memphis? Go to the Nominations ballot and click on the category or categories where you/your favorites apply.

Categories include: Arts & Entertainment, Food & Drink, Goods & Services, Media & Personalities, Nightlife, and Wellness.


Nominations: Wednesday, July 5th (6 AM) - Tuesday, July 18th (5 PM)

Voting: Wednesday, August 9th (6 AM) - Friday, August 25th (11:59 PM)

Social Media - #BestOfMem

Use the Flyer’s best of Memphis hashtag, and our gif to grab your audience’s attention: #BestOfMem

Click here to download the animated GIF!