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BÁnh MÌ at Pho Saigon


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If you like barbecue sandwiches with hot sauce and cole slaw, then you absolutely have to try a bánh mì sandwich. It takes this hot/sweet/savory combination to the next level. Most Vietnamese restaurants offer bánh mì sandwiches, whether they are on the menu or not. Although bánh mì is technically the term for any type of bread, it is commonly used to denote a small baguette. The small, crunchy baguette is the foundation of the sandwich, which usually includes liver pâté, sliced pork, steamed pork roll, cucumber, pickled carrots and daikon radish, sliced cucumbers, sliced jalapenos, and fresh cilantro. Pho Saigon has taken the bánh mì to the next level by including a layer of crispy and flavorful barbecued pork rather than the typically bland sliced pork used in other restaurants. They also make their own pâté from ground pork and tomatoes. These substitutions make it a bit more amenable to the American, er, Memphis palate. At $3.99 a pop, there really is no excuse for not trying one.
Stacey Greenberg

Pho Saigon, 2946 Poplar (458-1644)


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