King for a Day: Joy "Deja" King Tells It Like It Is


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db43/1245444115-pic_2006_ala_king.jpgL.R. Clothier on Union is known for its cut. But Saturday it'll be all about the "cutthroat world of publishing" when author Joy "Deja" King heads a meet-and-greet writers' workshop on how to publish, how to market, and basically how to make it in today's challenging book business.

King knows her stuff — and she knows her audience. She's an author with several Essence best-sellers to her credit. And she's got plenty of street cred to go with it. Throw in a good dose of Danielle Steel-style glamour, and there you have it: titles such as Dirty Little Secrets, Hooker to Housewife, the Queen Bitch series, and the new Trife Life To Lavish. (You're a "young adult"? See Ride Wit' Me.)

Now throw in some free champagne and hors d'ouevres at L.R. Clothier on Saturday, June 20th. The workshop's from 4 to 7 p.m. The address is 1511 Union. Call the store at 274-5733 for more info or go here and follow the links.


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