Nashville's $7 Million River Park



While Memphis pours $33 million into Beale Street Landing and figures out what to do with $62 million Mud Island River Park which is closed half the year, Nashville is moving ahead with a $7 million free public river park with water slides, spray park, playground, playing fields, and skate park.

The Nashville City Council approved the project Tuesday, as Nashville television station WSM reported.
It will be located on the east side of the Cumberland river across from downtown and next to the Tennessee Titans stadium.

The site was formerly a barge-building yard.

According to the Nashville city government website, the park will include spray grounds, picnic lawns, tire swings, hammocks, water slides, playing fields, basketball courts, fog emitters, a boardwalk, and skate park.

The goals for the park, which has been under design for several years, include park use day and night 365 days a year, something that can be built quickly, something appealing to all ages, and free public use.

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