Grassphalt Anyone?



Is the new parking surface at the Fairgrounds going to be grass or asphalt? Neither one. It's an artificial grass mat that will increase, not decrease the number of parking spaces, officials told the City Council Tuesday.

Housing and Community Development Director Robert Lipscomb and architect Tom Marshall described the surface for council members concerned about reducing the parking for football games. Marshall said the torn up asphalt in the southwest corner of the Fairgrounds near the Libertyland site will be covered in the artificial carpet, allowing for more densely parked cars.

That elicited a question about whether the parking spaces would be lined or not. That in turn prompted some council member to suggest the council might be micromanaging just a bit.

There was no substantial discussion of selecting an overall developer for the Fairgrounds. Lipscomb conceded that the project has stalled several times and noted that there have been three mayors, three city attorneys, and three chief administrative officers in the last six months.

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