Why I Like Yuengling



As you may have read, D. G. Yuengling & Son, a 181-year-old brewery based in Pennsylvania, wants to buy the old Coors (and before that Schlitz) brewery in Memphis.

Apart from the investment in Memphis and the new jobs, that would be very good news. You gotta like Yuengling (with thanks to the Wall Street Journal and reporter Kesmodel, from whose story some of this information is taken).

Dick Yuengling (it's German, not Chinese) drives a 2002 Ford Taurus.

Yuengling, widely available in Memphis already, costs less than $1 a bottle at many stores and is good stuff.

Yuengling has some of the exclusive cachet that Coors had many years ago.

Breweries are cool places for tours and company parties.

Dick Yuengling does not use email.

He bought his first cell phone last year.

He wears jeans to work.

Yuengling's black and tan looks and tastes like an expensive import.

I hope the deal goes through.

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