Ex-candidate Wammack endorses Kyle for governor.



Jim Kyle; Ward Cammack
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  • Jim Kyle; Ward Cammack
“Early in the campaign, I found we had a lot in common. He’s the one who really has firm ideas about what we need to do”: That was former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ward Cammack on a conference call Thursday with Tennessee reporters as he offered his formal endorsement of former rival Jim Kyle, who was also on the call.

Nashville businessman Cammack said he had been afforded ample opportunity to examine Kyle during the many occasions when he, Kyle, and other candidates for the Democratic nomination had intersected on the campaign trail. “That really gives you an opportunity to see who’s managing a campaign well,” said Cammack of the Democrats’ leader in the state Senate.

For his part, Kyle said he was “thrilled” to have Cammack’s support, and both Democrats said they expected to be doing much campaigning together in advance of the August Democratic primary.

Cammack said that Kyle’s position on the economy, health care, and the environment were some of the factors that “won me over” and said that, on numerous issues of importance to the state, “Jim stepped up” as Senate Democratic leader.

Other Democrats running in the Democratic primary are Jackson businessman Mike McWherter and former state House majority leader Kim McMillan of Clarksville. Republicans running for governor are District Attorney General Bill Gibbons of Memhis, Knoxville mayor Bill Haslam, Chattanooga congressman Zach Wamp, and Lt. Governor Romsey of Blountville.

Financial disclosures last week indicated that the Republicans as a group had raised more money than the Democrats, but Kyle said, "This is still a very close state, D and R. It still comes down to issues and ability."

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