VIDEO: Herenton, Others Weigh in at Meetings on School Merger


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Public interest in the forthcoming March 8 citywide referendum on the merger of Memphis City Schools and Shelby County Schools continues to mount, with multiple meetings on the subject occurring on almost a nightly basis.

In addition to a public forum conducted Thursday night by the Shelby County Schools Board, two “town meetings” were held under the auspices of Shelby County Commission members. One, at Hollywood Community Center, sponsored by Commissioner Henri Brooks, featured an array of speakers in favor of the merger, including former mayor Willie Herenton. Another, at Snowden School, sponsored by Commissioner Melvin Burgess, featured MCS president Freda Williams and others, addressing the possible complications of the proposed merger.

Former Mayor Willie Herenton at Hollywood:

MCS Board president Freda Williams at Snowden:

Shelby County Commissioner Sidney Chism at Hollywood:

Memphis Education Association president Keith Williams at Snowden:

Thaddeus Matthews on black and white:

Jeff Warren on differences between the two systems:


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