CCC President Paul Morris = Straight Ally



Memphis Loves Gays posted an interview with Center City Commission (CCC) president Paul Morris as part of their "Straight Ally Spotlight Series." In it, Morris talks about making downtown safer, engaging the arts community, and his mission to "show downtown off as gay-friendly." To watch the full video, click here.

Morris, who claimed he once helped hang a rainbow flag over the G.E. Patterson rail trestle for a gay pride-themed South Main Art Trolley Tour, said, "If you want to create a vibrant, diverse, densely-populated area in this city, in this country, in today's times, you have to be open to the gay population."

In the video, Memphis Loves Gays blogger Michael Hildebrand commended Morris for the support he received from the CCC when he organized the March for Gay Rights back in October 2010.

And Morris had this friendly piece of advice for any homophobes: "You can't be intolerant and be successful."

Go Paul Morris!


On an unrelated note, Morris makes clear in the first few minutes of the video that he's not the same Paul Morris who recently wrote a letter-to-the-editor of the Memphis Flyer in support of strip joints. :-)


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