Memphis Animal Services Lowers Euthanasia Rate



For years, Memphis Animal Services has hovered just under an 80 percent euthanasia rate. In August, the rate was at 77 percent. But according to Mayor A C Wharton's office, the rate dropped to 67 percent in September, thanks to the work of volunteers helping to place more animals into homes.

The euthanasia rate is the number of animals euthanized divided by the number of animals that were brought into the shelter.

That lowered rate may also have something to do with less animals being taken in to the shelter in September. Last month, there were 1,270 animals taken in compared with 1,599 animals in August. Of the 1,270 animals taken in during September, 850 were killed. In August, 1,245 were killed. The numbers of animals adopted out or taken in by rescue groups in September (374) is also higher than the 287 placed in August. More animals were placed in September than in any other month this year.

Memphis Animal Services has placed an increased focus on adopting out animals in preparation for their upcoming move into a new facility on Appling Cove.

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