Nineteenth Century Club Case Reset




Environmental Court Judge Larry Potter has reset the case for the Nineteenth Century Club house at 1433 Union to 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 10th.

The case, at which the building's new owners are ordered to present a plan for the building's demolition, was originally set to be heard this morning.

Last week, Potter told the new owners that they couldn't move forward with any demolition plans until he'd approved them.

Potter made clear in court last week that he opposes the idea of demolition but that he has no legal means to stop the owners from tearing down the building.

"We are losing something we will never re-gain. I do not think it’s a wise decision to demolish this building,” Potter told the courtroom. “But frankly, that doesn’t matter. If there were legal means for me to stop this, I would.”

Memphis Heritage and the Midtown Action Coalition have been vocal opponents of the planned demolition.

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