Gawker Knows the Hippest Neighborhoods in Memphis



A warning to the Memphis set of mustachioed, PBR-swilling lovers of music you've probably never heard of, Gawker knows where you are.

Back in November, the gossip website Gawker asked readers to vote for the hippest neighborhood in their cities in a poll that asked "What is the Williamsburg of your city?" Williamsburg is, of course, the Brooklyn neighborhood known for being hip, or at least being the national epicenter of hipsterdom.

So, the results are in and the hippest parts of Memphis are Cooper-Young, Overton Square, and South Main.


Now before the fixed-gear, humanely raised, locally sourced mud starts to fly on this issue, the poll results were generated "thanks to the collective knowledge of Gawker readers." Each of the Memphis neighborhoods in the poll received one vote each.

East Nashville won the honor for Tennessee's capitol city. Not a single vote was cast for hippest neighborhood in Knoxville, though Happy Holler, the North Knoxville commercial enclave, was noted as an up-and-comer. The St. Louis neighborhoods of Central West End and The Grove were voted neighborhoods hippest there.

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