Naked Justin Timberlake: Your Semi-Regular JT Fix


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Here with a couple notes from the Justin Timberlake front. It's JT's world—we're all just living in it.

First up: From, it seems Timberlake has an addiction, and it's tearing his household apart!

Okay, the luridness isn't exactly called for. JT is actually in the grips of golf mania, to the point that he's rearranged a room in his L.A. home to create a makeshift mini golf hole.

The Website elaborates: "A source said: 'He uses bundled blankets to fill in for sand traps, and overturned couches and tables to serve as hazards. When you first see the room, it looks like a tornado has hit it, but then Justin explains that it is perfectly set up to improve his game!'"

That exclamation point may not be earned, but a story looming in 2009 that's certainly worth some fanfare is the opening of Timberlake's new golf course, Mirimichi Golf Course, in JT's hometown of Millington later this year. That course won't be blankets and tumped-over couches: Timberlake has said he's putting $16 million into renovating the 7,400-yard course, formerly called Big Creek.

And secondly: The Las Vegas Review-Journal notes that JT was in Vegas this weekend, unveiling and promoting his tequila brand, 901 (named after West Tennessee's area code). According to the dispatch, Timberlake "made stops Friday at Southern Wine & Spirits, Blush Boutique Nightclub at Wynn, XS at Encore, and the Playboy Club the Palms."

Can't find 901 tequila in the 381XX? Right. We'll let you know when you can.


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