JT on SNL: Monday Preview



This weekend, Justin Timberlake returns to Saturday Night Live, making this the third time he's hosted. R&B'er Ciara has music duties. (Expect Timberlake to duet with Ciara as he does on her single "Love & Sex & Magic."

In his SNL appearances (both hosting and cameoing), Timberlake has proven himself to be a versatile performer. He's funny, charming, and sexy and doesn't seem to mind subverting the latter two in service of the former.

To get you into the mood for the forthcoming Saturday Eve, we'll be putting up videos all week of memorable past Timberlake SNL appearances.

Up first: Arguably the most famous thing JT has ever done that didn't have to do with his music career. Ladies and gentlemen, avert your eyes. It's the uncensored "SNL Digital Short" Dick in a Box. From Saturday Night Live, episode 1480, season 32. Air date: December 16, 2006.

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