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Broadcasting & Cable is reporting that Memphis is one of seven markets that will air episodes of the syndicated show Wedlock or Deadlock for a six-week test run.

The show will appear on Fox — the report doesn't indicate day of the week or time slot. (The show begins airing July 20th, so maybe Mondays?) Other cities to test Wedlock or Deadlock are New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Tampa, Phoenix, and Orlando.

From the report, the show is described as being "based on a Divorce Court segment in which Dr. Michelle R. Callahan, psychologist and life coach, determines whether struggling couples should marry or move on."

Wedlock or Deadlock
is not to be confused with the forthcoming Jerry Seinfeld-produced NBC show The Marriage Ref. And The Marriage Ref should under no circumstances be mixed up with the Denis Leary-Kevin Spacey-Judy Davis joint The Ref. And don't even go here.

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