JLD: "I'm just dead, I'm not gone."




Six months after his death, the legacy of producer Jim Dickinson still looms large.

Go here to read my take on the South Memphis String Band, the latest project from DIckinson's eldest, Luther.

And go here to read a portentous note from Birdman Records owner David Katznelson, who released several of Dickinson's albums, including his crucial '72 solo effort, Dixie Fried, originally issued on Atlantic, and Spectrum Meets Captain Memphis, a collaboration with British musician Pete "Sonic Boom" Kember.

Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of Katznelson's piece to the five-and-a-half minute MP3 of Dickinson boldly reading poet Vachel Lindsay's "The Congo." The opening track of Fishing With Charlie & Other Selected Readings, it's as if Dickinson never left the room.


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