Craig Brewer Remaking "Footloose"



Variety is reporting that Craig Brewer is set to remake the classic 1984 rebellion film Footloose. Brewer replaces filmmaker Kenny Ortega (High School Musical and the Michael Jackson doc This is It) on the project.

No word on who will fill Kevin Bacon's pert shoes in the lead role as a city boy who relocates to a small town that has banned dancing and rock-and-roll (or who will take John Lithgow's role as the bible-thumping buzzkill), but casting will begin promptly with an eye to start filming this summer.

Brewer has rewritten the remake's script to keep it "edgier" and more dramatic (rather than, one speculates, a musical a la High School Musical or Glee).

This apparently pushes back Brewer's project Mother Trucker.

Brewer commented on the news on his Twitter account, @MyBrewTube, saying simply, "Wild."


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