Craig Brewer: The Forshadowing



Craig Brewer & Lindsey Roberts
  • Craig Brewer & Lindsey Roberts
If you built this kind of detail into a screenplay the critics would dismiss it as being too heavy handed. On the night when Craig Brewer's first completed film The Poor & Hungry was named Best Digital Feature by the Hollywood Film Festival Kenny Loggins, the musician who had penned hit theme songs for movies like Top Gun and Caddyshack, was also honored for his lifetime achievement as a songwriter. Loggins entertained the crowd that night with an energetic mini-concert and brought the house down with his performance of "Your Heart Will Lead You Home."

While some members of Brewer's party giggled and accused Loggins of being cheesy the man of the hour protested, confessing his deep and abiding affection for Footloose.

Tonight, after Variety reported that he would be directing the long-anticipated remake of Footloose based on his own rewrite of the script, Brewer tweeted a one word acknowledgment: "Wild." No kidding.

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