96X to Return to Memphis Airwaves



What began as a Twitter rumor and message board material can now be independently confirmed by the Memphis Flyer, from sources with knowledge of the situation: 96X will be returning to the Memphis airwaves.

The format change — a re-formatting, if you will — was first reported by Radio Insight yesterday.

A website seemed to indicate as much, but anyone with $5.99 can make a hoax website.

The station is owned by Flinn Broadcasting. 96X was a staple of the mid-late-90s radio, bringing alternative rock to Memphis. It originally broadcast on 95.7, but the new 96X shows up on 96.1 WIVG and is broadcast out of Tunica, Mississippi.

Right now, tune in to 96.1 and you can hear the Violent Femmes' "Blister in the Sun" playing on loop.

More as we know it.


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