Sound Advice: Nots at the Buccaneer



Nots playing a house show earlier this summer. Photo by Don Perry.
  • Nots playing a house show earlier this summer. Photo by Don Perry.

Local female punk group Nots return to the Buccaneer tomorrow night with support from Chicago touring acts the Wet and Negative Scanner.

Formed more than two years ago, Nots has been gaining steady attention in the local garage/punk scene, much like their former band Bake Sale did a few years ago. While Natalie Hoffmann and Charlotte Watson handle songwriting duties for both groups, Nots is noticeably more aggressive and stripped-down than its predecessor, sounding more punk than pop and trading in ’60s' girl-group songwriting tactics for shorter songs and aggressive vocals. And while Bake Sale was approached by now-defunct Nashville label Grand Palace Records to release their first single, Nots will have their debut seven inch released by local label Goner, who should have the single out in time for the annual Goner Fest in late September.

Nots isn’t the first local band recently approached by the Memphis-based label. In the past year, Goner Records has turned inward to the local scene it helped create, releasing records for local bands True Sons of Thunder, Manatees, and Sector Zero, with an upcoming single from local group Moving Finger reportedly on the way.

Nots, the Wet, and Negative Scanner play the Buccaneer on Thursday, August 29th. Admission is $5.00. Watch Negative Scanner's video for "Fan vs. Wild" below:

Negative Scanner - Fan vs. Wild from Kevin Cline on Vimeo.

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