One II: SoloWorks continues with "Birthing the Crone"




I worked at a health food restaurant during the height of the 80's/90's-era New Age "rebirthing" craze so almost any discussion of birth that doesn't involve at least one infant gives me a small anxiety attack. But Lisa Wilson's Birthing the Crone sounds like it might actually be an interesting performance.

The second week of the [SoloWorks] series welcomes LISA WILSON. Lisa is a performer, professor, writer, director, and Chair of the Theater Department at the University of Tulsa. Her unflinchingly honest show, Birthing the Cone, explores a woman approaching the third phase of her life, including the onset of menopause. Birthing the Crone was a huge hit at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland, and now graces the TheatreWorks stage. Lisa uses humor and honesty about the challenges in her own life to explore this new and often frightening phase of life.

"Birthing the Crone" is at TheatreWorks, July 8 -11

Lisa Wilson in Birthing the Crone
  • Lisa Wilson in "Birthing the Crone"

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