Power to the People: People's Choice voting for the Ostranders is now open


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The original Ozzie
  • The original Ozzie
The Ostranders are coming up fast and the Ozzie's people's choice categories let you be the judge. So click here to cast a ballot for your favorite performers in seven special categories. Last year the voting was done on sight at the Ostrander Awards which, I have it on good authority, was a nightmare for the vote counters. So this year it's online only through midnight on Sunday, August 22.

Also remember that I'm having a little contest of my own. My Ostrander predictions are here. If you can outguess me and everyone else who enters there's $60 worth of beer (or food if that's what you're into) from The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium with your name on it. In case of a tie we'll have a drawing. The deadline for predictions is Saturday, August 28.


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