New Ballet Ensemble presents Springloaded at the Buckman


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Memphis' New Ballet Ensemble as always been about creating a fusion of classical and contemporary dance and the company has found a real poster child in Charles "L'il Buck" Riley, whose youtube videos have become viral sensations. Although Riley has moved on NBE's Springloaded will give dance fans a chance to see what comes next.

According to NBE founder Katie Smythe, professional trainee Gene Seals is Riley's successor apparent. He will be performing in three different pieces in Springloaded, two of which are his own. Springloaded will also showcase new work by the versatile, flamenco-inspired dancer Noelia Garcia Carmona.

Charles Riley dancing with Yo-Yo Ma.

Springloaded: Friday, May 20 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm at the Buckman center for performing arts.



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