Where Memphis Jookin Comes From


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Jaquency & the OGs (and some young ones too!)
  • Jaquency & the OGs (and some young ones too!)

I'll be the first to admit that Jookin isn't unprecedented. From New Orleans' second-line parades to old couples two-stepping at the local jook joint, it's easy to find similarities. But, as the Gangsta Walk spread from one neighborhood to the next, what evolved in Memphis has proven to be unique, and uniquely compatible with other dance styles.

I wrote a too-short history of Jookin and Gangsta Walking for Memphis. Someday I'd like to share more from folks like Wolf, Hurricane, Little Fred, and the other OGs who broke out of the line dance and started freestyling. And I'd also like to tell stories from the days before YouTube about the folks who made all the video tapes of dancers and passed them around.

Without those guys, THIS never happens.

Anyway, just a heads up that my Jookin piece is now online. So, check it out.

And get buck, y'all.



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