In the Raw: A few thoughts about "The Play About the Baby"



Edward Albee's challenging The Play About the Baby isn't going to be everybody's cup of weird, occasionally naked comedy. But, warts and all, Albee's tongue twisting assault on the senses is a great change of of pace following a season overstuffed with glitzy blockbusters.

The Play About the Baby, is a wonderfully absurd and smartly (if unevenly) acted meditation on identity that could stand to tighten up in almost every way.

The play itself is repetitive in a way that works although it wears thin in the second act. Still, for folks who love all kinds of theater, not just the hits, this one-weekend-only production by Tony Horne's Mosaic Company is a real treat, full of unexpected, sometimes uncomfortable laughter.

For ticket information and to read an interview with TPATB co-star John Dylan Atkins click here.


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