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Bus Full of Romance



What happens when 10 best-selling romance writers hop on a bus together for whirlwind book-signing tour through the steamy South? That question will be answered this month when Jennifer Probst, author of The Marriage Bargain and Searching for Perfect, joins the Belles on Wheels tour with Emma Chase (Tangled), Alice Clayton (Wallbanger), Kresley Cole (Hunger Like No Other), and six other masters of the quickening pulse and meaningful glance. Although Probst can't say where fate may eventually lead the adventurous group, she suspects there will mostly be a lot of shop talk.

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  • Jennifer Probst

"Being a writer is a solitary profession," Probst says. " There's just not a lot of other people who really understand what we do. Honestly, when my husband comes home from work, I talk to him about imaginary characters. He's very supportive, but some things are hard to understand."

So, what do romance writers talk about when they talk shop? Happy endings? Vampire sex? Fabio vs. the Topaz Man?

"We get into our stories, of course," Probst says. "Also we talk about the PR business and what's hot in the genre. It's a place where we can all talk for two hours straight and not bore anybody."


And what is burning up the romance genre these days? Probst thinks the "sexy contemporary and erotic" genre is still hot. "If you are a talented writer, you can tell the same story that 10 other people do, and it's fresh each time," she says. "And romance readers are the most loyal. They can go through a book or two books a day.

"Belles on Wheels" Gallery and Pocket Authors Tour stops at The Booksellers at Laurelwood Saturday, May 10th, at 6 p.m. Free.

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