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1. Government agencies are examining their use of Tasers, high-voltage stun guns that can disable an attacker. Amnesty International wants the devices banned. But then how would we make our happy-go-lucky staff meet their deadlines?

2. More than 2,000 city employees are laid off to dig the city out of a $6.4 million budget hole. Meanwhile, a Middle Tennessee State University survey reveals that people in West Tennessee are unhappier than folks in other parts of the state. Hmmm. Does anybody see a connection here?

Illustration by Greg Cravens3. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America ranks Memphis the second-worst city for air quality. Knoxville is number one -- the first time it has ranked first in anything. Of course, being number two is nothing to sneeze at either.

4. The old Holiday Inn in the Medical Center will be demolished for the University of Tennessee Baptist Research Park. No word yet on whether they will offer refunds for any reservations.

5. Memphis mayor Willie Herenton reinstates meals for senior citizens in the city budget. Dead animal pickup is still reduced to five days a week, leading us to ask, maybe they could consolidate the services?

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