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Destiny Diner Fills Workman’s Last Request

Before convicted cop killer Phillip Workman was executed earlier this month, he made a final request — donation of vegetarian pizza to a Nashville homeless person. But Riverbend Maximum Security refused, citing a policy against using taxpayer money to donate to charity.

Since then, vegetarian groups and pizza parlors across the state have been taking it unto themselves to fulfill Workman’s last wish. Locally, Destiny Diner is offering a special deal. Now through May 31st, customers can place orders for a 14-inch Veggie Patch pizza for $8 (normally it costs $16) to be delivered to a local homeless shelter.

Orders will be collected through the end of the month, but employees won’t prepare the pies until the first weekend in June, when they’ll deliver all the food at once.

“We don’t condone violence or crime of any kind, and it’s not our place to comment on Workman’s sentence or execution,” says employee Hart Simha. “But we do believe that his last request was honorable. Any excuse to feed the homeless is a good one.”

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